NVR (Network Video Recorder)


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Network Video Recorder (NVR)

NETWORK VIDEO RECORDER (NVR) are IP based devices used to connect multiple IP Cameras and to store video and images. These can be placed anywhere provided they are on the same LAN.

Select the integrated NVR System or use your own Windows computer to create a Video Management Software System (VMS). If you’re not sure which recording system to use, take a look at our IP camera video recording system comparison table.

What is an NVR?

An NVR is a Network Video Recorder. It is a network-attached computer system that includes video management and recording software, the computer and the hard drive storage. The NVR helps you install and manage the IP cameras. The management software allows you to include a recording schedule for the cameras, or use an alarm condition such as motion detection to cause the video to be recorded.

NVR (Network Video Recorder) Features

Network Video Recorder

Network Video Recorder Feature:

  • Very easy to install. It auto-detects the cameras
  • Very easy to use, featuring an excellent user interface.
  • Map displays allow you to visually select cameras
  • Access live and recorded video on local, remote and mobile devices
  • Continuous motion, timeline
  • Easy export of selected video for evidence
  • Many powerful features for finding the video you need and exporting for evidence
  • Continuous motion, time or alarm-based recording configurable per camera
  • Search recorded video with a timeline search or graphical thumbnail search, playback multiple cameras simultaneously
  • Easily control PTZ cameras
  • Export audio, video and pictures to be easily e-mailed or saved
  • View an instant replay of video from any camera with exacqReplay
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